Exterior Painting & Interior Painting

Exterior Painting - scraping wood clapboards

Exterior Painting

The purpose of exterior painting is to protect the building from the elements, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and increase its value.

A timeless commitment to exceptional quality and service drives every step we take, every detail we consider and every stroke we apply.

Interior Painting

Details matter when painting the interior of your home. We’ll take care and time to protect your home during the process to achieve the look you want.

Our talented craftspeople can refresh a wide variety of surfaces throughout your home including:

Walls and ceilings drywall

Doors and Windows

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Baseboard, Crown and Other Trim Molding

Prepped for interior painting

Painting Process

To prepare your home for painting we use tarps to collect paint chips and splatters, and we cover all areas that need to be protected.

If your home was built prior to 1978 we will follow EPA “Renovation Right” guidelines.

Preparation can include pressure-washing (exterior painting), sand, caulk and putty. When scraping your home, it is common to find additional rotten wood. We’ll mark the rotten wood and provide you with a written addendum to your contract before any work is done.

Primer is essentially the foundation that your paint is built on, allowing for secure adhesion, coverage of any repairs or blemishes and durability. Using the right primer is the key to the longevity and appearance of the paint.

When painting we’ll work with you to achieve the look you want for your home and suit your budget. On a case-by-case basis, we’ll carefully analyze and put together the best plan of action for your property. This plan will include product choice, number of coats needed and application techniques, such as roller, brush or sprayer.

We’ll thoroughly inspect the finished work with you to ensure your satisfaction and touch up areas that need some extra care.

Our crew will leave your home clean and neat every day of the process.

Third Art Services warranties all exterior painting against blistering and peeling for a period of 2 years.

The only exclusions are: Wooden gutters; walked on surfaces; and structural problems such as, but not limited to, “mill glazing”. Should peeling or blistering occur we will fix the affected area including labor and material.

For the warranty to be valid the invoice that was presented at the time of completion must have been paid in full.

What People Say about Us

If you want the absolute best painting outcome, talk to these experts. If I had to summarize their work in one word, it’s excellent!

Thank you!”

David Soboff